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 eForms - eAuthorization - eContracts

We developed eForms so that we could provide a service to the businesses, public offices or agencies that want to offer their users a possibility to submit different forms electronically. By providing these online forms, the users are able to easily access, fill out, sign and submit them back to the institutions. Forms, that have been filled out, signed and submitted this way, have the same legal value as if they were sent by “regular mail”.

How does it work exactly?

Imagine this: your local council decides that it will enable its citizens to electronically fill out council tax forms. They send us a draft, we design the form, publish it online, and share the link to the form with the council. They can now publish the link on their site or maybe they will email it. The citizens can now easily fill it out, sign it with their digital certificate and submit it back to the council. The filled out forms are then sent to council’s Vep.mail inbox in either PDF or XML format, where they can be marked as received and signed. After submitting the form, the citizens also receive a successful submission verification and return receipt, when the institution receives their submission.

You can always check the validity of the signature or timestamp by using our Validation service.

Another good example of use where eForms can come in handy is eAuthorization.

Example: Legal Authorization Letter


Sometimes you need legal council and maybe even want them to represent you. In that case, filling out an online form to authorize them as your legal representative can be very useful.

This is where our eAuthorization forms come in. A lawyer or a notary can order an online form with us and we will put it together, set it up online and share the link, so that they can publish it on their website or share it with their clients through email. Once the client fills it out, signs it with their digital certificate and submits it, the form gets sent into lawyers Vep.Mail account, where they can mark it as received and sign it. Client also receives a copy of the signed authorization form into a temporarily created Vep.mail account.

An authorization letter that has been signed this way has the same legal value as if it was done on paper.

eContracts - contracts made simple

eForms can also be used for eContracts. The process of creation is similar as with eForms - a client submits a draft of a contract to us, we publish it online, and share the link to the form. This link can now be shared with client’s users, customers or even business partners. They are now able to sign the form using their digital certificate and can submit it to our client. Client will receive the signed contract into their Vep.Mail inbox where they can mark it as received and sign it. A return receipt will be issued and sent into a temporarily created Vep.mail account, where the signee can access it to make sure the contract was indeed received and signed.

Signing contracts in this way is very efficient, fast and also legally valid - your digital certificate signature is equal in value to a hand signature.


We can also create custom and more demanding online fill-out forms - get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!