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Vep.Mail is a leading Slovenian Qualified electronic registered delivery service.

Vep.Mail is a qualified electronic registered delivery mail service that enables its users to safely send and receive email, with added registered delivery and return receipt option. Since it’s user-friendly and reliable it is widely used by thousands of judicial professionals - lawyers, notaries - as well as businesses and citizens.

What makes Vep.Mail different from any other email service provider is the level of security and encryption it provides. By using qualified digital certificate to sign their mail, the sender can be sure that only the intended receiver will be able to open the received mail and that its contents are protected against malicious intrusions and theft.

Using qualified digital certificates to sign mail has another perk - mail, that has been signed and sent using digital certificates, is legally seen as equal to paper mail. The digital certificate signature is therefore of the same legal importance as the hand signature. This means that documents can now be sent electronically and be just as valid as if they were sent by “regular post.”

The registered delivery with the return receipt option means, that unlike with the normal e-post, you will always know for sure, whether your mail has reached the recipient. This is another valuable feature, that makes this mail service incredibly useful for places of work where reliable delivery service is required.

In addition to the Vep.Mail service we also provide software that enables users to process their mail with just one click - Vep.Mail +.

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Integrated in the Vep.Mail service itself is another useful feature - eBills. Compose/import and send your bills electronically - you will never have to bother with issuing paper bills again!

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EIUS d.o.o., Vep.si service provider, is a leading Slovenian Trust service provider of Qualified electronic registered delivery services and other eIDAS and electronic Documents related trust services – Timestamp service, eContracts and Validation of electronic signatures and seals.